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Cat Alley 


Don't miss the all-new Cat Alley feature area, the must stop destination at Super Pet Expo Edison NJ for cat lovers!


Petting a White Cat
Come meet a friendly feline and gain expert cat care advice in the Garden State Cat Club Pet Me Area.  
HighresPippijumping - CFA.jpg
Cats are natural, agile jumpers and highly trainable! Participation in feline agility is rapidly growing and it's a great way to connect with your cat. Visit Agility area hosted by The Cat Fanciers' Association for demos and education. 
cat resting
Friday, Feb 8th at 5:30pm on the Main Stage
Join Cat Behavior Consultant Sally Williams and Dr. Liz Bales, VMD for a discussion centered on improving the lives of your beloved felines! Topics will include the importance of annual wellness checkups, advice for creating the best relationship with your veterinarian and tips to get over the hurdles of getting your cat to the vet. Bring your cat care questions, because there will be time for Q and A. 
  • Tabby Roo

  • My Lap Bed

  • The Pussums Cat Co

  • Fegnion

  • Debbie's Delights

  • Volana Kote

  • Kitty Tree House

  • Kitty Cube

  • Only Maine Coon Rescue

  • Fox & Feline

  • Meow Mini Mart

  • Cat Amazing

  • Scenes Image Specialists

  • Brodie Fund

  • Kitty Kickerz

  • Meowy Janes

Scottish Fold Kitten
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