Demos by Bone-A-Fied Talent Group

With Special Guests, celebrity pet trainer Chrissy Joy and Good Beasley 

Join the amazing team for a variety of demonstrations during the weekend at Super Pet Expo. Please note social distancing measures will be in place. 


Friday - 4pm (Treibball) and 6pm

Saturday - 11am and 4pm (Treibball) 

Sunday - 11am (Treibball) and 3:30pm


Pronounced “tribe-ball” – Treibball is the exciting German sport for dogs involving large balls and a goal! This sport is fast-paced and exciting to watch. It is a fun activity for dogs of all capabilities and sizes.  The sport of treibball uses a dog’s natural herding instincts to push and direct specific balls into the goal under the direction of a seasoned handler. 


Disc Dog Mania

Check out the performers of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group as they show off some frisbee skills!  From beginner phases to a full routine, this group will show off fun tricks and teach you how to get started in the sport of disc dog. Special routine performed by Trainer Jack and his high-flying aussie, Zane!


Showbiz/Trick Dogs

Watch out.. the celebrity dogs of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group are coming to Super Pet Expo! Meet the celebrity canines recently featured on national commercials and feature films.  This exciting pack will show off some unique tricks and teach you how you can get involved in showbiz with your dog.

Have you seen us? Look for us on the national commercials as well as Good Beasley from the 2020 Lionsgate Film, Agent Toby Barks!


Retriever Games

There’s a new game in town… and it is fun for all! The Retriever Games have been created by the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group team and feature a series of fun activities that revolve around retrieving…well.. anything. Dogs and handlers work as a team to recover toys and items as fast as possible in a specific time limit. Every game is different – and more fun than the one before!

Check out the demonstration of this new game series that will be revealed at Super Pet Expo for the very first time.

Mister Crabs Show

Mister Crabs is home of the World Famous Hermit Crabs and Edutainment Show.


During this year's Super Pet Expo, Mister Crabs will provide educational demonstrations on Hermit Crab Conservation, Care, and how to build a crabitat. To allow for proper distancing, one party/family at a time will be allowed access to the Mister Crabs’ Observation Stations. 


For over ten years Repticon has been bringing hundreds of reptiles and exotic pets from the top breeders and educators to cities throughout the country. 

Exotic snakes, lizards and more from Africa, Australia, the Americas and beyond will be on display and available to purchase direct from the breeders. Top quality feeders, reptile supplies, and reptile-themed products will also be available. Learn more about these amazing animals and come face to face with cold-blooded creatures at Repticon!

United Cat Club Cat Show

Super Pet Expo is proud to welcome The International Cat Association (TICA)  to the show for the third year!

United Cat Club, a chartered cat club of The International Cat Association will present an all-breed and household pet cat show licensed by TICA in conjunction with Super Pet Expo. All cat lovers are welcome to visit the Cat Show and observe judging. Social distancing markers will be in place. 

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The following Entertainment was featured at the Aug 28-30, 2020 Super Pet Expo.

We're hard at work developing new experiences for 2021. 

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