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Meet Dexter the Dog

The dog that walks like a human!  

Friday - 4:30 pm

Saturday - 12:30 pm | 4:30 pm

Meet Dexter the Dog – the viral sensation with a million social media followers is bringing hope and inspiration to people all over the world.  Dexter is a Brittany spaniel with a unique skill;  he walks on his two back feet.  

Recently CBS News profiled Dexter. You’ll love his numerous TikTok vids including our favorite one showing Dexter getting a Drink at 3 AM.

Chrissy Joy AGT.jpg

Demos by Bone-A-Fied Talent Group

“Meet Chrissy Joy & the Joy Crew.  Celebrity Pups and More.”

Friday - 3:30 pm | 6:30 pm

Saturday - 10:30 am | 2 pm | 5 pm

Sunday - 11:30 am | 1:30 pm | 4 pm

Join the amazing team for a variety of demonstrations during the weekend at Super Pet Expo.


Disc Dog Mania

Check out the performers of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group as they show off some frisbee skills!  From beginner phases to a full routine, this group will show off fun tricks and teach you how to get started in the sport of disc dog.


Showbiz/Trick Dogs

Watch out.. the celebrity dogs of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group are coming to Super Pet Expo! Meet the celebrity canines recently featured on national commercials and feature films.  This exciting pack will show off some unique tricks and teach you how you can get involved in showbiz with your dog.

Have you seen us? Look for us on the national commercials as well as Good Beasley from the 2020 Lionsgate Film, Agent Toby Barks!

Frisbee Freestyle by High Flying Dogs

Part gymnastics and part Ultimate Frisbee for dogs.  Get ready for a toss-and-fetch event where handler and dog perform choreographed routines that require technical skill and a healthy dose of showmanship.

Check out the demonstration of this new game series that will be revealed at Super Pet Expo for the very first time.

Norwegian cat.png

Meet the TICA Breeds

Meet the TICA Breeds, hosted by United Cat Club as they showcase various pedigree cat breeds such as Bengals, Maine Coons, Abyssinians,  Siamese, and many more.   In conjunction, EveryCat Health will be present featuring their non-profit organization that focuses on promoting the health and welfare of all cats and their owners.  During your visit, you will also be able to explore various premium quality imported cat toys, treats and accessories not found in stores.  United Cat Club proudly supports local rescues, please consider bringing in a canned or dry cat food donation to for the collection bin that will be available all weekend.

Must Love Dogs 1.jpg

Must Love Dogs (and Comedy)

Raising money for animal rescue & wellness

Saturday, January 7 - 1:30 pm

Must Love Dogs and Comedy is a female and minority-owned small business that produces public, private, and corporate comedy shows people can bring their dogs to that also raise money for animal rescue. Come, sit, and stay for a show full of stand up, character, sketch, and musical comedy with your human and furry best friends. Get ready to laugh and sniff each other's butts.

Racing Pic 1.jpg

The Doggie Derby – Dachshund, Corgi & Small Dogs

Racing All Weekend - Including Corgi & Mixed-Breed Races!

Dachshund Races
Friday - 5 pm

Saturday - 12 pm

Sunday - 3 pm

Corgi Races

Saturday - 1 pm

Sunday - 1 pm

Small Dog Races

Friday - 4 pm | 6pm 

Saturday - 11 am | 3 pm | 4 pm

Sunday - 11 am | 2 pm

There is nothing better than wiener dog races.  Some racing wieners speed off to the end of the track once they zero in on their custom “bait” whether it be a family member, a toy or a treat.  Whether your doxie is a seasoned runner or a novice, wiener  races never get boring.

Races throughout the weekend include Dachshund, Corgi and Small Dog Races.

All sign-up’s must be done online and the cost to race $15.  There is a limit of 30 dogs for each hour of racing.  To sign up, purchase an online ticket to the show HERE.   During the check-out process, you will be promoted to sign-up for the race of your choice.


Race Rules 


How To Get Your Pet Into Show Business

Pawsitively FAMOUS Animal Talent Agency & Podcast

Saturday - 2:30 pm

Sunday - 11 am | 2:30 pm

Dawn Wolfe has made a name in the Hollywood industry as the “trainer of the pet stars.”  She knows talent when she sees it.  Dawn will share her secrets and hold open auditions at the show.  Bring your dog, cat, ferret, rat, bird or any other animal that has a unique talent and meet personally with Dawn.

JAG Promo Pic.jpg

Dog Agility Demonstrations & Classes


Friday - 5:30 pm (Demo)

Friday - 6 pm  (Class)

Saturday - 11:30 am (Demo)

Saturday - 12 noon (Class)

Saturday - 3 pm (Demo)

Saturday - 3:30 pm (Class)

Sunday - 12:30 pm (Demo)

Sunday - 1 pm (Class)

Sunday - 3 pm ( Demo)

Sunday - 3:30 pm (Class) 

Dog agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports, and it is exciting and fun.  It can improve your dog's confidence, increase focus and provide needed exercise in an enjoyable way.  Come watch our exciting demonstration and participate in a free agility class at the show.


Your four legged friends will love the stimulation of the best mood-lifter.  For dogs that weigh 50 pounds or less

New for 2023 is the Ultimate Dog Ball Pit. Safe. Fun. Engaging.  5,000 balls for dogs that love them. 

Celebrity Catwalk 1.jpg

Celebrity Catwalk

Paws in the City Fashion Show

Saturday - 11 am 

Come check out the furry fashionistas as they hit the runway in couture created by top pet designers.  Celebrity Catwalk will treat fashion lovers to an exclusive runway presentation of pet couture that ranges from the simple and fun to opulence fit for your next MET gala.

Copy of SPE Home Page Slider (3).png


Exotic snakes, lizards & more

For over ten years Repticon has been bringing hundreds of reptiles and exotic pets from the top breeders and educators to cities throughout the country. 

Repticon Exhibitors

Card Family Exotic Pets

Cheech’s Exotics

Family Reptiles

Insect Brothers


Surf and Turf’s Panther Chameleons

Exotic snakes, lizards and more from Africa, Australia, the Americas and beyond will be on display and available to purchase direct from the breeders. Top quality feeders, reptile supplies, and reptile-themed products will also be available. Learn more about these amazing animals and come face to face with cold-blooded creatures at Repticon!

Luring 101.jpg

Luring 101

Have you ever watched dogs zipping through a luring course and thought "My dog would love that!"?


Well now is your pup's chance! Any dog that’s in good physical condition and loves to chase is perfect for giving the luring course a try. No prior training is necessary. (add't fee)

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