Treibball hosted by Bone-A-Fied Friends Forever Pet Service

The latest, high-action canine sport is coming to Super Pet Expo! Treibball is a positive-reinforcement, competitive sport in which dogs gather and drive large exercise balls into a soccer goal. Come watch and demo and try it with your pup!

Bone-A-Fied Friends Forever (BFF) Pet Service is a full-time, innovative canine training facility situated on 14 acres in Brandywine, Charles County, MD. They are a team of 8 certified trainers that specialize in canine obedience and different dog related sports and activities. BFF Pet Services philosophy is that fun and engaging dog sports, designed to fulfill a dog’s drive, is imperative to their health and happiness. 

Mister Crabs Show

Mister Crabs is home of the World Famous Hermit Crabs and Edutainment Show.


During this year's Super Pet Expo, Mister Crabs will provide educational demonstrations on Hermit Crab Conservation, Care, and how to build a crabitat. During the demonstration attendees will have an opportunity to learn how to speak like a hermit crab and reach a complementary gift (while supplies last)


Come hold a live hermit crab and take seflies at no cost at the Mister Crabs’ Free-Touch and Observe Stations. and learn about Mister Crabs’ Adoption and Rescue Network! 

CFA Feline Agility and CFA/Garden State Cat Club Pet Me Cat Area

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) joins the Super Pet Expo with two exciting features purrr-fect for cat lovers!


Dogs aren't the only ones getting in on the exciting sport of agility. Cats are, of course, very agile and highly trainable. Feline agility is rapidly growing in popularity and it's a fantastic way to be bond with your feline friend. Visit with CFA during Super Pet Expo to learn more and watch demonstrations! 

After enjoying the exciting twist and turns of agility, visit the CFA/Garden State Cat Club Pet Me Cat Area to meet and greet adorable felines and their owners, eager to share their cat care knowledge and expertise with you. 

Luring 101

Have you ever watched dogs zipping through a luring course and thought "My dog would love that!"?


Well now is your pup's chance! Any dog that’s in good physical condition and loves to chase is perfect for giving the luring course a try. No prior training is necessary. (add't fee)

Rizzo's Wildlife

Don't miss the entertaining and educational presentations from Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery! Their goal is to show the world the magic and excitement that reptiles have to offer. Whether you are passionate about reptiles or just curious, Rizzo’s Reptiles will provide an entertaining and exciting show for kids of all ages.

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