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Meet Dexter the Dog

The dog that walks like a human! 

Friday - 4:30pm

Saturday - 12:30pm | 4:30pm


Meet Dexter the Dog – the viral sensation with a million social media followers is bringing hope and inspiration to people all over the world.  Dexter is a Brittany spaniel with a unique skill;  he walks on his two back feet.  

Recently CBS News profiled Dexter. You’ll love his numerous TikTok vids including our favorite one showing Dexter getting a Drink at 3 AM.

Entertainment & Features

Chrissy Joy AGT.jpg

Demos by Bone-A-Fied Talent Group

Meet Chrissy Joy & The Crew 

Join the amazing team for a variety of demonstrations during the weekend at Super Pet Expo.


Disc Dog Mania

Check out the performers of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group as they show off some frisbee skills!  From beginner phases to a full routine, this group will show off fun tricks and teach you how to get started in the sport of disc dog.


Showbiz/Trick Dogs

Watch out.. the celebrity dogs of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group are coming to Super Pet Expo! Meet the celebrity canines recently featured on national commercials and feature films.  This exciting pack will show off some unique tricks and teach you how you can get involved in showbiz with your dog.

Have you seen us? Look for us on the national commercials as well as Good Beasley from the 2020 Lionsgate Film, Agent Toby Barks!

Frisbee Freestyle by High Flying Dogs

Part gymnastics and part Ultimate Frisbee for dogs.  Get ready for a toss-and-fetch event where handler and dog perform choreographed routines that require technical skill and a healthy dose of showmanship.

Check out the demonstration of this new game series that will be revealed at Super Pet Expo for the very first time.  

Entertainment & Features 

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