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Super Pet Expo has partnered with Pet Connect to provide show visitors with an amazing Super Pet Expo experience directly from your phone. In the Pet Connect app, the Super Pet Expo profile provides tickets, a show map, a calendar of events, and an exhibitor list. You can even optionally turn on text messages for show promotions and announcements. Follow the steps below to experience Super Pet Expo at your fingertips!

  1. Download Pet Connect

  2. Select Explore

  3. Find “Super Pet Expo” through the Search field or under Events

  4. Favorite the profile to receive in-app notifications about show announcements

  5. Optional: You can also turn on “Stay Informed” to receive those same announcements via text messages. You can turn off “Stay Informed” at any time.

  6. We welcome you to also check out other areas of Pet Connect.

  7. Have fun connecting with your pet!

About Pet Connect

Pet Connect is a free mobile app that helps pet owners connect with pet-friendly people, products, and services. Pet owners can explore over 100,000+ pet-friendly resources across the US, receive business promotions and announcements, and book their pet’s services directly from the app. There are even tools to help pet owners manage their pet’s medical records and share pet owner responsibilities with other family members. Join the Pet Connect community today and connect your pet to their community!  |

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